Swim Lessons
Water Walking:  Adults Only.  Bring your own lifejacket, or use a "noodle" from the pool.  Excellent for light exercise, and very easy on the joints.  Available by request, and with 5 participants.

Level I:  For the true beginner.  Learn water safety and build confidence while learning beginning skills.  For the child who may still be uncomfortable with the water or being away from a parent.

Level II:  For the more confident beginner.  Practice emerging skills and becoming more and more comfortable in the water!

Level III:  Intermediate class for the child who can swim.  Learn stroke development and maybe venturing into the deep end.​​​​  Are YOU ready to pass the swim test?

Level IV:  Advanced Class.  Perfect your strokes - breaststroke, backstroke, and free style.  Work on some lifesaving techniques​​, and learn to dive.


Level I 10:15 - 10:45
Level II 10:15 - 10:45
Level III 11:00 - 11:30
Level IV  11:00 - 11:30

SESSION I:  June 17 - June 28
SESSION II:  July 1 - July 15 (No class on July 4th.)
SESSION III:  July 15 - July 26

CSC Members: $75.00 Non-members: $100.00

To Register:
Please fill out the form below and mail to:  Chesapeake Swim Club  
   Attention:  Swim Lessons
   P.O. Box 723  Havre de Grace,  MD  21078

Registration forms must be received by day of class.

I would like to register myself/child (children) for the following swim lessons at the
Chesapeake Swim Club:

Child’s (Children’s) / Adult's Names:
______________________________________________ Level: I ____ II _____III ____IV_____
______________________________________________ Level: I ____ II _____III ____IV_____
______________________________________________ Level: I ____ II _____III ____IV_____
______________________________________________ Level: I ____ II _____III ____IV_____

______________________________________________Water Walking​
Payment enclosed:
CSC Members: $ 75 x ____ (number of people) = $ _________  OR    Water Walking $________    
Non-Members: $100 x ____ (number of children) = $ _________  OR  Water Walking $________